pekwm development reboot

The pekwm development has been non-existent the last couple of years and before that it has been very slow for many years. Many reasons behind this including but not limited to not using a Linux machine at work, life has been busy and a lack of interest.

My interest has come back, I’ve gotten myself an “old” Lenovo T440S running OpenBSD at home and started working on pekwm again.

To be able to spend more time on actual development and not maintain infrastructure and what-not there has been some changes:

  • Development has been moved to Github and now includes a test runner for unit tests.
  • There are no mailing list or discussion forum, connect to freenode with your favourite IRC client and join #pekwm

Worth nothing is that the .org page has been taken over by some dubious hoster claiming pekwm has VPS support!? and links to (broken), this will be replaced with the .se domain The official pekwm page currently is the Github page

I will try to post updates on this page with new developments on the pekwm (and related) projects.