Sun Blade 1500 on Solaris 10

A while back I was fortunate enough to be given a Sun Blade 1500 from a long time pekwm user.

Sun Blade 1500

It is, by todays standards, old and slow making it perfect for experiencing how pekwm actually performs. Also, running Solaris 10, being big endian and using Xsun instead of a current Xorg server makes it perfect to find odd issues.

I had a few issues with getting machine up and running, the PSU and harddrive experienced some post storage issues. The PSU magically got back to life after trying another PSU out, harddrive got replaced. When that was all sorted out trying pekwm out to see if there was any issues.

As for issues, there has not been many but pekwm did not support MSB visuals properly which came as a surprise to me. I used to run pekwm on a Sun Ultra 10 many years ago, but probably relied on Imlib2 for image manipulation at that time.

Support for MSB visuals was added in this commit.

The Solaris 10 shipped GCC compiler, 3.4.3, does not support C++11 and pekwm utilized very little of what the standard provides so I went ahead and made only use C++98 again in this commit.

More work will most likely come out from this machine, such as the fact that pekwm use map notifications and not create to identify (and place) windows before they are mapped causing a flickering effect, startup speed should be possible to improve etc.